Chapter 2


    • Lennie - A very large man. He's mentally challenged and has trouble remembering things. Lennie likes to touch things and feel the texture, he is also a very good and hardworking person. He does everything he is told without complaining more than twice..
    • George - Much shorter than Lennie. He takes care of Lennie. He has a bit of a short temper, but is a devoted friend and loving.
    • Candy- old “swamper” handyman, aging and left has only one hand. He owns an old dog that is aging, like him, he use to be an impressive sheep herder but now toothless, foul-smelling, and brittle with age.
    • Candy's Dog - old dog that Candy's had since he was a pup (the dog is both bling and deaf) hated by Carlson because he couldn't stand the dog's smell.
    • The Boss- a “pretty nice fella”, a stocky, well-dressed man in charge of the ranch, Curley’s father, and bought a gallon of whiskey for Christmas which won George over.
    • Curley- the bosses son resently married, wears high-heeled boots, wears a glove with vaseline in it on one hand for his wife, possessive, jealous, "handy" meaning he wins fights, and does not like big guys
    • Curley's Wife- a "tart" (tramp), pretty, gives the eye to the other guys in the camp, might cause trouble for Lennie. Represents the temptation of a female in a male-dominated world, like the ranch. Wears all red which foreshadows danger for Lennie.
    • Crooks- he got this name from his crooked back, an African American stable-hand, who lives out in the stable because he cant live with the white people.
    • Slim- a highly skilled mule driver, acknowledged as the “prince” of the ranch, the only character who is at peace with himself, drowns 4 of the 9 of his puppies, and has a calm personality
    • Carlson- another ranchhand, wants to kill Candy's dog
    • Whitey- He is a blacksmith. Dress up on Sundays even when he wasn't going anywhere, he put on a necktie even, and then set in the bunk house.


  • The chapter takes place on a California farm.
  • This chapeter also takes place in the sleeping quarters of George and Lennie.

Plot (What happened?)

  • Before leaving to work , George tells Lennie that in case of something was to happen he should run back to the place they were at and hide behide the brush.
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  • George and Lennie arrive late to the ranch. Arrive late to work , and because of that the boss is mad at them.
  • They first meet Candy. Then the boss who tells them that they will not work until after dinner.
  • George and Lennie are alone in the bunkhouse and in came Curley's wife "looking" for Curley and who Lennie becomes infatuated with (a sign that there might be trouble). George warns Lennie about her.
  • Curley's wife leaves and in comes Curley looking for his wife.
  • Soon the ranch-hands return from the fields for lunch, and George and Lennie meet Slim and Carlson.
  • Lennie asks George to get one of Slims puppies "before he drowns any more of them."

Possible Themes


  • The color red- the dress that Lennie kept touching and got in trouble for touching was red. Curley's wife is wearing all red; red boots, red lipstick, and red clothes which is foretelling trouble (especially for Lennie).
  • Candy’s Dog- represents the fate awaiting anyone who is no long useful. Once a fine sheepdog that was useful on the ranch has aged and Candy’s sentimental attachment to the animal means nothing to the other men, all they see is a useless mutt. Carlsons insistance that the aged animal must die represents a cruel natural law that the strong will dispose of the weak. Candy's dog is also a representation of his owner, Candy. For Candy fears that he is nearing an age when he will useless on the ranch, and will no longer be welcome.

Discussion Questions

2. When George and Lennie are shown their quarters, the Old Man (Candy) tell them that the boss is angry at them. Why?
The boss is angry at both of the men because they have arrived late to work and they were beining expected much sooner.

5.When the boss is talking to George about their work, George speaks for himself and Lennie. What does his boss suspect is going on between George and Lennie? What is George's response?
-The boss suspects that George is taking Lennie's money
-George explains that Lennie is not smart but he is a good worker and can do any kind of work.

7. What is the irony in Lennie's last name?
The irony in Lennie's last name is that his last name is "Small" and Lennie is everything, but small.

14. After Curley's wife comes to the barn looking for Curley, why does George get angry at Lennie?
George gets angry with Lennie, because he was checking out Curley's wife.

(Questions from Quiz)
1. Why is the boss angry at George and Lennie when they arrive at the ranch?
George and Lennie were suppose to arrive the
previous night, like the boss asked them to.

2. When the boss talks to George and Lennie when they arrive and find that
Lennie isn't saying a word, what does the boss suspect George is doing?
That George is stealing his pay and that he
is trying to hide something from the boss.

3. Describe Curley: (see characters)
4. What does the author mean when he calls Curley "handy'?
Curley wins fights, but doesn't like big men.

5. Curley's wife is called a "tart." What does that mean?
She's a flirt or a tramp.

6. Describe Slim:
7. Describe Carlson:
8. Describe Candy:
(see characters)

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